10 ways to improve your website

new_and_improved1.    First decide and note down what you actually want your website to achieve – is it sales, sign ups, subscriptions, better clients, more traffic? Every website has a goal or goals and you should have a clear idea of what it is. This will help your website designers get a clear understanding of what it is you need your website to do.

2.    Do your research and find the company that is suitable for your needs. You should ideally find someone who just doesn’t create the design, but someone who would maintain your website, who would take care of all necessary stuff that comes along with developing new website. The longer experience the firm has, the better. If you really care what your website does for you, do not use the cheap templates and content manager software. You will not be happy with the result.

3.    Plan your strategy with your web designer, discuss your goals, listen to their suggestions regarding changes and improvements. It can really save you time and money, they usually know what they talk about and what may seem unnecessary to you at the very beginning, it can pay off later on. If you let them do what they know best, they create the website that is SEO friendly and ul0timately brings you more business.

4.    Plan at the beginning if you want to pay for adverts or if you prefer organic rankings. Simplest and best way how to achieve organic optimization is to register to different directories and online catalogues and find the sites that you can link your site to. Also, set the budget, let your webdesigner to review the content as that is one of the most important elements on your website and by cooperating you get the best possible result. The webdesigner will advise on most suitable keywords and key phrases for SEO of your site.

5.    Even though you care how your website will look like, its not as important as it may seem to be. Much more important are the advertising principles. You need to adjust them to several facts such as who is your main audience, how they use your business, who are your competitors and how you can be better. It can mean shorten the website content, use more charts, make the website in latest colour combination trends etc.

6.    Credibility is one of the main advantages of any business. If you are not on the market long enough to prove it, then find a way how to ensure your users that you are trustworthy, you know the industry well, basically you need to offer a guarantee. Gather testimonials from day one, don’t be afraid to ask for them, don’t just wait till someone writes one for you.

7.    Offer free samples of your product, show your services to your clients, offer free trials. Make it simple to try, avoid long registering process and requesting too many info from possible customer.

8.    Make sure your website is simple to use, the information clear and easy to read. Put as much content as possible above the fold – people do pay most of their attention to the content they see without having to scroll down the page. Ensure all ‘call to action’ buttons are well and prominently put on the page..

9.    Do not try to catch the attention with various flash effects and images. These elements slow down the website and are not really good for SEO. You want user to act, not just sit and watch what your website does.

10.    Test your website by independent users, it gives you great overview how users use your website, what they like and dislike. Their suggestions can be very fruitful. Ideally your website should be created ‘under one roof’. It is always better to be in touch with one company only, you will not hear excuses why this or that cannot be done because the other company did this or that.

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