3 Tips for a successful logo design


If the logo is not to be recognized, as it should be unique. If not, which means that the star in the logo is not actually at the beginning of another company’s logo? The common forms can be used, but must be changed to create a unique logo for your brand, and through color or other details. However, it is a much better idea to create a unique logo that uses a unique shape or item that is not likely to be used by another company. Nike logo is another great example, as is the case in the apple with a bite taken out of it for Apple electronics.


The logo will be synonymous with your brand. Accordingly, it must be instantly recognizable in any form or medium. Regardless of color, regardless of their size, regardless of the form, and if it can be recognizable logo of its brand image. Thinking in symbols and social media such as Facebook and Twitter: They are using social networking logos most important, but often are manipulated multiple commensurate with the blog and offered up in the colors and different shapes, and different ways, but always recognizable.


And one of the most important aspects of a successful logo design is simple. There must be clear lines and small details such as shading or other artistic touches. And should be limited to make the colors of a few options. The text should be limited to the mark. Some great examples include

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