8 Upselling techniques for online shops

upselling-onlineE-commerce can be a very rewarding business if you know the right up selling techniques. The following are some ideas that are being used by the giants in e-commerce such as Amazon and E bay.

Method 1: Offer discounts for low priced items in bulk. These can include small items which can be sold in high volumes.

Method 2: Keeping tabs on customer preferences and delivering this information to the customers can do wonders. Analyzing sales data is one such technique which is made use of by Amazon.

Method 3: Offering a variety of choices can help your customer to evaluate each product before purchasing. For instance if a customer is interested in an IPod, the website should suggest the number of recommendations for alternate Mp3 players.

Method 4: Offer accessories that go along with the purchased product. A customer buying an IPod would be interested in related accessories such as stereo phones and jackets.

Method 5: Special deals targeted at specific customers help them to feel valued. For instance special pricing program or a reward for a regular customer can help him/her to purchase more in the next time. This tactic is generally used after the customer makes a purchase. It also pushes him or her to make an additional purchase soon after.

Method 6: Last minute deals are also a great idea to market inexpensive items as they would not feel as a burden as a part of a larger order. For instance, pricing items as £5.99 instead of £6.00 would lead the customer into thinking that the item is cheap and would provoke a buy.

Method 7: Free shipping for a certain amount of goods if this idea is plausible, you can organize for free or discounted shipping once the desired level of goods are bought. This can especially make a lot of sense if these items actually do not cost much to ship. Alternatively, high margin goods when bought in bulk would make the shipment costs appear petty.

Method 8: Including a thank you discount coupon with the order confirmation is a great idea as these would motivate the customer to purchase again. These coupons should have a specified time frame in order to have the customer visit your website soon.

The above mentioned methods could increase your business at no extra cost. It would also leave a good impression on your customers and provoke them to make secondary purchases.

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