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Designer tips for redecorating your home

Give your home a chic update with these simple and clever decorating ideas! 1. Clean inspiration Go through magazines, books and images online and edit your favourite visual references down to one or two strong images that sum up your own personal style. 2. Add little touches A simple addition can liven up your interior. […]

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3 Most Popular Project Management Tools for Web Designers

The variety of applications and tools for project management is highly diverse giving people a lot of room to carry out their tasks with higher quality and efficiency. At the beginning of this generation of project management tools, most of the tools and applications were general purpose ones serving non-specialized purposes. However, project management technology […]

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10 ways to improve your website

1.    First decide and note down what you actually want your website to achieve – is it sales, sign ups, subscriptions, better clients, more traffic? Every website has a goal or goals and you should have a clear idea of what it is. This will help your website designers get a clear understanding of what […]

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