Compare WordPress Vs Joomla

Introduction to wordpress: It is one of the widely used CMS (Content Management System) and it is licensed under the GNU GPL. It is one of the most user friendly blog systems. There is no need to have knowledge about HTML to use wordpress. Creating posts and pages is comparatively easier and with the use of plugins you can add lot of functionality.

Introduction to Joomla: Joomla is the best choice for those who want to create a network or a community with forums, newsroom, membership area, articles and many more. Knowledge of HTML is not necessary to understand the workings of joomla. Setting up joomla is faster and simpler.


WordPress Vs Joomla: Comparing wordpress with joomla is quite interesting, as there are many similarities and differences between these two. One major difference is, wordpress is CMS (Content Management System) which is in blog style while joomla is a community or portal type Control Management System. One major similarity between the two is both are free to use CMS or in other words open source CMS. You just need basic knowledge of PHP to work with these two.

WordPress 3.0 has new features like multi-site and custom menu which makes it the preferable choice of users when compared to joomla. The flexible and elementary menu process is simple to generate, re-arrange menus using groups, edit, pages and many more. By installing wordpress you get the ability and opportunity to manage multiple websites. It is designed keeping in mind non techie. Employees with minimum computer skills can set up his or her company website just by following the online tutorials.

Again when it comes to similarity, both wordpress and joomla have a vast user base with an active community. Most hosting providers prefer wordpress and joomla for their easy setting up features. They have been one of the favourite choices in the net tool section. It is not only easy to set up these two they are also at the top in the search engines.

When it comes to designs there are lot of responsive designs that are available for both wordpress and joomla. With HTML and CSS knowledge you can create custom graphic and designs. Themes for your websites can be downloaded or purchased from several websites. Content creation in wordpress requires different thinking and approach while joomla requires completely different ones.

For blogging many prefers wordpress when compared to joomla because it has lot of additional features which joomla lacks.

WordPress is preferred by professional as it has the right potential to serve the blogging needs. The additional comment platform and built in comment system can be utilized for free while joomla does not have comment system.

Joomla is much preferred for building both regular and complex websites though the speed of joomla is little slower when compared to wordpress. Virtuemart, the popular e-commerce solution is available for joomla. Both joomla and wordpress have thousands of plug-in and both are open source.


Conclusion: WordPress is the best open source platform option for blogging while joomla is the best for complex websites. So it is difficult to say which one is better, both have advantages and disadvantages.


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