Facts about design industry in London

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Design business is, as many other businesses widely spread in London, covering here more than 23% of UK design companies generally. London is work place for around 45k designers, about 20k of them employed by companies and 15k working as freelances.

In London, there are situated some of the largest design companies, some employing up to 50 designers. There is a lot of job shifting in this particular type of industry that brings high amount of hiring and firing, much higher than in the rest of the country.

More details about design companies and designers in London

What is the real amount of designers in London?

According to the latest research, there is around 45k designers, which is 13% more than in 2003.

What is the number of design companies in London?
It comes to almost 20k of design companies which is almost one quarter of all UK design companies.

• Freelances – almost 16k
• Design agencies – almost 2.5k
• Designing teams – almost 1.5k

This is the list.
What is the main design field the London companies are working in?
In this case the pattern is very similar to the UK one. It is just fashion design that is, according to the research, slightly higher in terms of number of companies working in the fashion design industry.

How long have design businesses in London been operating for?
London is home to design businesses of all ages – a third have been operating for less than four years, a quarter for more than 10.

Number of designers employed by London designing teams?
There is less than 10 people employed by almost 80% of designing teams.

Number of designers working in design agencies in London?
There is no exact figure but the agencies are much larger than in the rest of the country.

Some info about finances in design industry of London
What is the annual fee budget for London design companies? Again, there is no exact figure available but it is estimated that it is higher than average.

Is there any budget fee comparison available of the performance of London design companies last and the year before?
According to the research, there is no increase or decrease during the last year in fee budget in comparison to the rest of the country.

Who are the main customers of London design companies?

What type of industry are design companies mostly working for?
Even though London is the UK centre of financial activities the design companies do not get so much business in this kind of industry.

Are their customers rather big brands or small businesses?
There is a higher percentage amount of larger companies London design firms are working for. It is higher than in the rest of the country.

Job market for design businesses in London

How many design companies are hiring in London?
Almost 40% of the design companies in London hired at least one employee last year. Whereas it is about 30% of companies in the rest of the UK.

What percentage of design businesses in London made redundancies last year?

And how many design companies dismissed their employees in London?
It was around 13% of design companies in London last year. UK average percentage is half of it.

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