Frequently Asked questions about our web design service

HRA FAQHow long does the web design process take on average?
We work hard on turning around project as quickly as possible without compromising quality or design. Simple websites, usually up to 14 pages, we are able to deliver within 17-19 working days on average.

Larger websites and Ecommerce projects will take longer. Once the Functionality Specification of your website has been finalised we’ll be able to give you an exact time frame on when your new website can be designed, developed and ready to go live.

What about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
If you would like your website to have SEO and optimised for page 1 rankings, we can certainly help you with this. With over 5 years of SEO experience, we have worked with websites and business of all sizes and helped them grow via page 1 rankings. SEO is a separate service and not included in the design cost of your new website.

However, one thing you can be certain of, even if you didn’t engage us for your SEO needs is that your website will be designed with SEO in mind from the beginning. For example, addition of meta titles, proper h1, h2 tags are all incorporated within the basic HTML structure of your current website, to help it get indexed by Google and other search engines easily.

For more information on how we can get your website to page 1, please ask.

More about our Web Design process:

Generally speaking, the web design service consists of 3 stages:

The first is the Design stage – this is where we create the designs for your new website and run them by you to get your feedback. We then incorporate changes and show you the revised versions. Based on our experience, there’s usually about 3-4 rounds of website design revision cycles before both, you and we are happy with the designs.

Once the designs have been finalised, we move onto the Development stage. The development stage involves carrying out the necessary work to convert the designs into a fully functional website. In other words, we carry out the necessary coding and development towards building the website based on the designs approved.

The final stage in the website design process is Testing. This is where we first test all the functions of your website – forms, the content management system (which you could use to make changes to your website such as text, images and so on), all pages etc are working.
You’ll then have the opportunity to check the site entirely yourself before giving us the approval to launch the website.

We hope you find this useful. If you would like to speak to us about your Web Design needs or how we can help, please get in touch by calling 0208 1500 294.

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