Google’s Search changes- For better or worse?

GoogleGoogle’s Panda update was notoriously famous as it had adversely impacted a large proportion of websites. This update caused a lot of the search results to be affected thereby leading to problem’s in the website’s rankings.

There are some new changes which are bound to affect a significant share of people again.

Google has been developing its encrypted search feature for some time now and the latest changes involve this very feature. The currently used Google encrypted features ensures that once a user is logged into any of Google’s platforms such as Gmail, Google+ etc, he or she would be redirected into the encrypted search mode. In the past, the users were notified that they are using a high security feature. However, with this upgrade they are no longer intimated and the regular http in the address bar is just converted into https.

The benefit of this feature is that all the search topics and inputs are kept safe. Google argues that this feature is especially useful when users make use of publically shared Wi-Fi networks.

This is definitely a good decision on Google part and will be appreciated by its users worldwide. This shows Google’s concern for preserving its user’s data and information security. However, on the down side, this change will not be welcomed by web designers who make use of this search information to evaluate the best campaigns and the keywords which are the most successful. Experts predict that with this change, there would be around 10 percent less data available to web designers and the like who use this information for analytical purposes. This could spell trouble for them as the chances for the campaigns to be successful would be lesser as there is lesser information in hand. As a result it is predicted that the impact of a general campaign would be 10 percent lesser than before.

If you are a web master, do not despair when you hear about this. Google has fortunately included a few loopholes that would help you to reach out to more information. For instance, should you use Webmaster Tools; you would get to know the most highly rated search keywords for your website. Although, it does not provide a detailed picture-it serves as a basic worksheet.

The consoling factor however here is that one’s traffic would not be really affected by these changes. The impact of these changes would not have the same effects as that of the Panda update. The fact that Google’s paid services is not at all affected by these changes which could be a relief for its subscribers. This has however controversial as those who pay for Google’s campaigns is given the right to this information. This gives an impression that Google has placed a price on the right to information and is selling the information for money. Google’s free analytics services would lose its utility as not all customers would be ready to opt for the paid option.

Obviously, Google is a business and such moves shouldn’t be too surprising. Changes would be naturally beneficial for the organization and its primary customers which are of course the paid ones. Quoting the CEO of Google: ‘we understand what you want and can deliver it instantly’. Although he makes use of the word ’we’, Google is quite aware of the customer’s demands but makes the same task quite appalling for web designers and masters who need this critical information.

Keyword campaigns would definitely have a struggle to get hold of the required data and in particularly those who are not willing to pay for this information. Online marketing for small firms could be affected drastically.

Nevertheless, Google does a lot of things for the good as well. This cannot be denied as its efficiency has lead it to be the number one search engine and it is indeed an accolade to hold to that position for years. They also provide excellent analytics tools for web masters and others in the industry. These are very effective and are simple to be used even by an amateur.

It is a fact that the balance between privacy and internet business is always hard to maintain. Even the slightest imbalance is sure to upset a whole set of customers. However, in the long run, such changes usually work out for the best and are appreciated by people of both the sides.

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