Things to consider before you redesign your website

Redesign websiteKeepign your website current and the design fresh is important. However, unless the website redesign process is carried out in a planner manner, a redesign can have a negative impact to the search engine rankings you may be currently enjoying.

There are instances when websites have lost their rakings after a revamp. In order to avoid such cases, the redesign process has to be carefully planned and executed. There are many reasons which could cause rankings to fall. Re-designing a website which already has good rankings is a critical job and must be done only after thorough planning.

The following are some of the most common reasons why a website’s ranks have fallen after a redesign:

URL Alterations: Even a small change to a website’s URL can cause rankings to crash. This is because the search engine has to re-index all the pages of the website completely before allowing it to come up in the search results. Moreover, incoming links would also be removed.
Changes in navigation: Upgrading to fancy navigation techniques such as Flash or Java can give your website a whole new appearance. While the new look is a plus, it could confuse the search engine as the website appears completely different. New navigational changes must be done in a carefully managed step by step process.
Duplicity: Sometimes when a website moves from static to dynamic content, multiple variables of a URL may be generated and these would point to the same page. Search engine providers view that as duplicate content and your website might lose it position. This could however, occur in the absence of the above mentioned event.
Different Content: Sometimes, even when the URL is unchanged, rankings could be affected. The website’s content is almost as important as the URL link. While redesigning a page it is not sufficient to only consider the regular content of the page. For instance, the sidebars, page headers, marquees etc. are data which are not though of a content in the regular sense. However, some of the content in these locations may be relevant to the keywords which are used for the ranking. Large scale web site redesigns would cause pages to lose their rankings if not careful.
A website redesign can be quite an easy task if one is aware of the major loopholes and problem zones. It is definitely possible to have a website revamping and to maintain your hard earned rankings at the same time. All that is required is thorough preparation in order to ensure that you website continues its high rank. Lastly, it is always a good idea to seek the professional assistance of a good web developing firm who has a lot of experience with re-design.

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