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Looking for Web Design services in London?

WDL aims to offer the most comprehensive range of services for all your online needs.Take a look at all that we can do for you. Or, check out our blog for resources, tips and D.I.Y guides.


Web Design Services in London Simple, “brochure” styled websites

WDL are Web Designers in London with one goal in mind – offering Web Design services that works. In other words, creating a website for you that will actually provide a return on your investment by more enquires and orders.

With over 300 websites currently live, the experience we have gained working with small businesses from a range of backgrounds and industries has helped us deliver websites that consistently outperform our competitor’s on the metrics and Key Performance Indicators that matter. Low Bounce Rates, high return visit % and high visitor-to-customer conversion % are some of the numbers we think about not only before we start the design phase but we continue to check this after your website has been built and is live.

We think you’ll love working with WDL not just because of the quality of our websites but also how we work:

  • As a Small Business, we understand that cash flow can be sometimes be tight which is why you can pay for your website in instalments
  • We take care of everything from start to finish. All you’ll need to provide is the text for your website (if it’s a new one rather than a redesign)
  • Backed by a cost-effective and proven Search Engine Optimization service to help you get leads coming through from the get-go
  • After sales service like no other. Need something fixed? Changed? We’ll usually take care of it within 48 hours

If you need a website that works but also a company that’s easy to work with, WDL may just be the solution!


E-Commerce Web Design Services in London

For many small business nowadays, having an online shop isn’t just about creating an additional source of income but about becoming the proposed driver to be the business’s main source of income.

We understand that creating a pretty E-Commerce website that just sits there is unlikely to generate a significant ROI. Design is important. But it’s equally important to build an online shop that’s easy to use, has an intuitive navigation, allows users to share products with their friends easily and has a hassle-free checkout to name a few!

Your E-Commerce site should also make your life easier which is why we have built many unique features into our online shops to make this possible, such as invoice generation, email order notification, delivery note, low stock alerts and much more. So you can get on with the task of running your business with minimal attention to managing your Ecommerce website.

All our Ecommerce websites are fully scalable and can grow as your business does. For example, it’s not very uncommon to find us integrating advanced Ecommerce services such as Sage accounting software into our client sites long after it was launched. Or, adding more features or custom website design build to accommodate the needs of a growing business.

Need a well designed Ecommerce website that will sell? WDL can help.


Web Design Services in London Migration from flash to HTML services

Another Web Design service we offer is removing flash from existing websites.

If you have a flash website, you probably know that while flash does have its benefits and can provide a user experience that HTML (non-flash) can’t quite match, nowadays flash isn’t the best way forward.

Not only is flash not compatible with mobile and tablet computers, the higher load time for flash sites means it isn’t very much liked by Google as well. Not to mention, carrying out SEO on a flash website is significantly more time consuming and ineffective.

Whilst flash is still loved and works well with certain business such as restaurants, fashion designers (for who the purpose of a website may be to generate awareness rather than an online response such as a sale or lead) for most other small businesses, a non-flash website makes much more sense.

If you have a Flash website currently, our website design service can help you convert your website into HTML (without flash) without changing the design or look/feel, unless you wanted.


Application development and Process automation Web Design Services in London

If you have had a website for some time and it’s working, you may have thought about Process Automation. In other words, thinking about what repetitive processes of your business can be automated online or how you can gain a competitive advantage by making your client’s life easier by allowing them to do more online.

We have worked behind-the-scenes for many of the websites you will see in our portfolio creating features such as a secured login-area where users of the website can upload documents, automating booking and order forms, integration of payment gateways to enable online bill payment and much more.

For example, we recently built a case management software service for a client in the legal sector to automate a lot of the work that both, the client and their users were carrying out manually before that.

The process helped speed up the application process by about 40% whilst reducing costs in admin time by about 30%.

If you already have an idea on how an online software or service can help increase your business profitability or productivity, we can turn that idea into reality. Chances are, we could even help you think of more ways on how online services can help grow your business.


Web Design Services in London Mobile Web Design service

By now, you have probably heard about how the mobile web is growing at an alarming rate. In terms of searches, the mobile web overtook the desktop web over a year ago and if you already have a website live, chances are that a good amount of your website visitors are using their mobile devices to browse your website.

WDL can help you get started on the mobile web via our Mobile Website design service.

Benefits of having a Mobile website

  • Conversion rates of mobile visitors when browsing mobile sites is over 200% higher. This means that a small investment in a mobile website (our Mobile Web Design prices start from £250.00) can easily give you a substantial return and more than make up for your investment
  • Mobile websites perform better in Google mobile searches which means better SEO
  • The interests of your desktop website users isn’t compromised. Our mobile Web Design technology instantly detects whether the user is browsing from a mobile or desktop and shows the appropriate website version

If you already have a website, we can easily create a mobile version to match the look and feel of your current website. We can also integrate the Content Management System (CMS) of your current website with the mobile version so each time you wish to make a change, you’ll only have to do it once.

If you are looking to have a new website designed, ask about our Mobile packages to help you save over 20% in development costs.

For more information, please call 0208 1500 294 or Request a Quote.


Responsive Websites Web Design Services in London

If you haven’t heard of a Responsive website, it’s somewhat the combination of a mobile website with a desktop one.

A responsive website is designed to automatically resize to the users device display screen for an optimum browsing experience.

Whether your website visitor is using a desktop, a mobile or a tablet computer such as iPad, your website’s display will automatically adjust it’s display proportions and become bigger or smaller.

WDL offers Responsive website design services and can help convert your existing website into a Responsive “theme” or build a new one that’s Responsive from the ground up.


Web Design Services in London Website maintenance

Not happy with your current web design company? Our Website maintenance plans can help..

From as little as £50.00 a month, WDL can manage your website for you, taking care of everything you need from making changes, updating content, fixing bugs, adding features and so on.

When you need something done, all you need to do is send us an email or give us a call, tell us what needs doing and we’ll take care of the rest

Benefits of WDL Website Maintenance services

  • Technical support is just a click away
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • Your website’s safety such as backup, regular hacking or malware testing is included


WordPress design and development Web Design Services in London

If you have had a website or two, you have probably heard about WordPress.

In addition to being the most popular blogging platform out there, WordPress is also extremely versatile as a Content Management System (CMS) for your website.

WDL have over 6 years of experience in WordPress design and development and can offer you a range of WordPress solutions, from simple web designs, to full-fledged Ecommerce solutions and even software development.


Web Design Services in London Logo and Stationary Design

Need a new logo? Business cards? Letter heads?

Stationary design is included as part of our Web Design services and if you’re looking to have a new corporate identity or re-brand your existing one, WDL has the design skills to create a brand that accurately represents your business and help you stand out from the competition.


Newsletter design and email marketing Web Design Services in London

Need a newsletter designed for your business?

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with your customers and convert leads into potential customers.

WDL can design a newsletter that’s consistent with the look and feel of your current website and help you stay in mind of your customers.


Web Design Services in London Website redesigns

If your current website is getting traffic but isn’t generating any business there’s a pretty good chance that your website isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do – generate an enquiry or a response.

So what can WDL do?

We treat website redesigns a little differently than if you came to us needing a new website. Chances are , you have taken the business decision to have your website redesigned and it’s important we understand what your reasons are. This helps us deliver end results that match your expectations

  • We would attempt to look at your current websites analytics data to determine any problem areas and suggestions for improvement
  • Keep the features that are currently working even in the new website
  • Look at the websites of your well performing competitors to get ideas for any features for your new website

Our end goal is to let the design of your new website be partly the result of proper research and informed decisions. When it comes to Web redesign services, getting scientific this way is what has helped us build a long list of satisfied clients who we have redesigned websites for.