3 Most Popular Project Management Tools for Web Designers

The variety of applications and tools for project management is highly diverse giving people a lot of room to carry out their tasks with higher quality and efficiency. At the beginning of this generation of project management tools, most of the tools and applications were general purpose ones serving non-specialized purposes. However, project management technology has taken giant leaps in the past few years as you can now find highly specialized tools for different types of industries. Finding applications for creative fields such as web designing is becoming much easier these days.

These apps for project management come with various features such as subversion browsers and build-in repositories for code. Some of these apps also have issue and bug tracking and many other features that go well beyond elementary project management. These project management tools help web designers stay abreast with various team members and activities.
Project management tools are available in wide range of permutations and combinations so web designers can use them for their unique requirements. You can find paid versions as well as free ones with rather smooth interfaces which are easy to set up and use.
The following are three of the best project management tools for not just web designers but web developers and other creative professionals as well:

Lighthouse is a rather handy app for issue and bug tracking, milestone and timeline tracking, email integration and lots more. The creation of a project on lighthouse is rather simple as it only requires a project title and a description. Once this is done, a web designer can enter milestones, messages and tickets. The easy-to-use and convenient interface ensures that Lighthouse is one of the best project management tools for web designers. Web designers can find free as well as paid plans with varying features and facilities. Again, integration with any subversion app is also really easy and provides a comprehensive solution to project management.

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management tool not just amongst web designers but amongst many others. The app, considered to be the best out there, has a long list of impressive features such as project overviews, time tracking, message boards, file sharing, to-do lists, comments and lots more. Basecamp has one of the best user interfaces out there and it comes as no surprise that most other companies are looking to make applications and products that can be easily integrated with Basecamp. This provides web designers with a whole lot of other options to make their job much easier. Though Basecamp is not the cheapest project management tool out there, it is surely reasonably priced for all the quality on offer.

Jumpchart is a rather specific project management tool for web designers which allows you to plan the entire navigation of your website in a meticulous way. You can create, drag and drop web pages within the plan and add text and comments for convenience. Jumpchart creates great mockups and it functions as a perfect project management tool for web designers with the help of a few hacks.

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