5 Tips To Make Your Website More User Friendly

With the advent of internet technology, one important question that is running on the minds of all those people who are benefitting out of the use of their websites is whether their website is a user friendly site. For all those people, it is important that they take quick steps to ensure that their websites are user friendly. It is quite natural that a visitor will not stay more than 10 seconds in a website if they are confused.

Given below are five tips that make your website user friendly:

Make your website look attractive with limited details: A visitor definitely looks for sites that give them crisp information in simple words. A website browser will always think of browsing more sites before he or she is happy with a website. This kind of searching for more sites may divert the user from looking into a site with many details. So it is very important for the site to be user friendly. You should therefore take great care to create a site that holds the attention of the browser. Giving too many details will lead to jumping of sites. The homepage should be clear with legible text and a separate prominent place to call to action. The menu choices should be limited. With minimum graphics and animation, make your website be exciting for the user.

Loading time should be faster: Every second and minute counts when it comes to loading time. Studies show that 40% of the user abandons a website just because it takes more time for loading. Every one second delay in the response will result in a seven percent decrease in conversions. So concentrate of loading time and make it to the minimum, so that the user will not lose interest.

Make your website mobile friendly: You can convert your normal website into a mobile friendly site by using various plugins that are available for this purpose. Depending on the cost you can afford and your needs, you can choose one among them and make your website compatible for usage on mobile phones in a matter of seconds.

Effective navigation system: The navigation system should be as clear and easy as possible. All the navigation toolbars should be present on one side of the page. Also, remember to highlight these navigation options. These are tips to attract the attention of the reader instantly because no one wants to use a site where everything has the same font and looks uniform. So, highlight the important things. And, as far as the text on the website is concerned, keep it as limited as possible to what is necessary. But, this however does not mean that you should let out information because, it is the information that matters mainly. Give all the necessary information in the most precise and clearest form possible.

Design of the website: The design used also needs to be good. The text should not be cramped. This will make the usage of the website very unpleasant for the user and they will want to find another alternative website. Further, try to avoid images, frames, layers, charts, etc. unless they are essential for the content of the website.

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