5 Tips To Make Your Website More User Friendly

With the advent of internet technology, one important question that is running on the minds of all those people who are benefitting out of the use of their websites is whether their website is a user friendly site. For all those people, it is important that they take quick steps to ensure that their websites are user friendly. It is quite natural that a visitor will not stay more than 10 seconds in a website if they are confused.

Given below are five tips that make your website user friendly:

Make your website look attractive with limited details: A visitor definitely looks for sites that give them crisp information in simple words. A website browser will always think of browsing more sites before he or she is happy with a website. This kind of searching for more sites may divert the user from looking into a site with many details. So it is very important for the site to be user friendly. You should therefore take great care to create a site that holds the attention of the browser. Giving too many details will lead to jumping of sites. The homepage should be clear with legible text and a separate prominent place to call to action. The menu choices should be limited. With minimum graphics and animation, make your website be exciting for the user.

Loading time should be faster: Every second and minute counts when it comes to loading time. Studies show that 40% of the user abandons a website just because it takes more time for loading. Every one second delay in the response will result in a seven percent decrease in conversions. So concentrate of loading time and make it to the minimum, so that the user will not lose interest.

Make your website mobile friendly: You can convert your normal website into a mobile friendly site by using various plugins that are available for this purpose. Depending on the cost you can afford and your needs, you can choose one among them and make your website compatible for usage on mobile phones in a matter of seconds.

Effective navigation system: The navigation system should be as clear and easy as possible. All the navigation toolbars should be present on one side of the page. Also, remember to highlight these navigation options. These are tips to attract the attention of the reader instantly because no one wants to use a site where everything has the same font and looks uniform. So, highlight the important things. And, as far as the text on the website is concerned, keep it as limited as possible to what is necessary. But, this however does not mean that you should let out information because, it is the information that matters mainly. Give all the necessary information in the most precise and clearest form possible.

Design of the website: The design used also needs to be good. The text should not be cramped. This will make the usage of the website very unpleasant for the user and they will want to find another alternative website. Further, try to avoid images, frames, layers, charts, etc. unless they are essential for the content of the website.

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4 Ways To Generate More Enquiries From Your Website

Every entrepreneur always has a need to improving, so as to make their product or service more appealing to the prospective customers. In doing this, the internet plays a very important role today. So, with the prospective customers shifting to this new advancement, there is a need for every entrepreneur to develop websites that not only generate traffic but it should be designed and developed in such a way, that the visitors are converted into potential buyers.

There are certain vital aspects to be considered while you have decided to create website for your business. There are four practical ways to generate more enquiries from your website:

User friendly website: First of all the website should be in simple language that every common man is able to understand. This is very essential as the information about your product or service has to reach the person correctly. This will happen only if it is simple and easy to comprehend. Next, keep in mind that the website should not be one which is accessible only on a certain platform. It has to be one that can be used on all the platforms. This will help in attracting more users. Videos should be used effectively in every important page. They should sound and look professional for more enquiries.

Unique selling point: You should communicate to your potential customer in a way that they are convinced and know the reason why should they prefer you over others. So there should be some compelling reasons in your site for your potential customers. This will surely help in getting more enquiries from your prospective customers. Decide a website design that is unique and exclusive so that visitors get attracted.

Analytics: You should have web analytic software that tracks the source and number of website visitor. The software should be able to analyze the user behaviour also. The analytics should be reviewed every month not only to make decisions but also to improve results. This will surely help in getting more enquiries.

Calls to action: While creating a website for your business, you need to have very minimal click options for the user. This is because if you are going in for a lot of questions and click options, then the user may get frustrated and move on to another website that is easier to browse. So always have in mind that the user should find it very convenient to browse your site and get going with it as we all like to take the easy route. There should be at least one call to action in every page. The contact details should be easy and clear to access for the visitor.

Use social media, blogs and adwords to get more enquiries and to get the right audience to your website. Evaluate whether your site has the right content and contact form to bring in more enquiries. Make clear what you offer to the visitor to make them contact you. Do not forget to add imperatives like “contact us”, “subscribe” and “buy now” on every page to get more enquiries.


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Why It’s Now Very Important To Have A Mobile Website

Many of you may wonder whether is there a need for a mobile website to increase the profits of a business. It is a well debated issue until yesterday but today no business man would want his probable customers to jump to another brand just because there is an absence of a mobile website. The world has become so fond of the internet that nobody wants to leave his or her instrument anywhere.

Initially the world was obsessed with mobile phones as communicating to others was easier. Then, the desktops came in wherein you were able to browse things sitting in one place. This led to the invention of laptops and it was a huge hit as people could carry their work wherever they went. Now today people are getting obsessed with mobile websites as browsing need not be confined to your desk tops and laptops. Mobile internet is catching up very fast and more and more business men want to have a mobile website for their company.

Companies are therefore opting to make mobile website a mandatory work for the growth of their business. So in case you are having a business without any mobile website, then do not delay anymore to get a website done for your business. Mobile internet is what people are talking about today and is definitely going to be the future for many generations. Having a mobile website for your company will increase the awareness of your products among the customers. It will not only increase your customer base but will also help you to keep the old ones. Regular updating of your mobile website will be of great help for those who have already browsed it before.

The advantages of having a mobile website will also create a healthy competition among other sites. You can offer the users some discounts and coupons to increase the traffic to your website. If you do not have a mobile website for your business then it is likely that you may not stand for long. People want to use every bit of their time usefully in this world filled with competition. So they are used to browsing on the go. If you do not have a mobile site then you lose your chance of even being noticed. So your business definitely needs to make mobile website for its growth.

Navigation through a website should be made easy otherwise it will irritate the user and he may move on to another site. So going in for mobile website will help in such cases as the navigation by itself is made very simple. Another point why you should have a mobile website is that it is portable and accessible anywhere. People are used to searching on their mobiles for sites than on the desk top or lap top. So there is no reason why you should not go in for a mobile website for your company.

You will find that now a days most of the mobile internet users, deal with their business on their mobile website itself. This saves a lot of time for them. So as a business person you should opt to go in for mobile websites for your company. This helps the user to see the information he wants about your company in a nutshell.

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10 ways to improve your website

new_and_improved1.    First decide and note down what you actually want your website to achieve – is it sales, sign ups, subscriptions, better clients, more traffic? Every website has a goal or goals and you should have a clear idea of what it is. This will help your website designers get a clear understanding of what it is you need your website to do.

2.    Do your research and find the company that is suitable for your needs. You should ideally find someone who just doesn’t create the design, but someone who would maintain your website, who would take care of all necessary stuff that comes along with developing new website. The longer experience the firm has, the better. If you really care what your website does for you, do not use the cheap templates and content manager software. You will not be happy with the result.

3.    Plan your strategy with your web designer, discuss your goals, listen to their suggestions regarding changes and improvements. It can really save you time and money, they usually know what they talk about and what may seem unnecessary to you at the very beginning, it can pay off later on. If you let them do what they know best, they create the website that is SEO friendly and ul0timately brings you more business.

4.    Plan at the beginning if you want to pay for adverts or if you prefer organic rankings. Simplest and best way how to achieve organic optimization is to register to different directories and online catalogues and find the sites that you can link your site to. Also, set the budget, let your webdesigner to review the content as that is one of the most important elements on your website and by cooperating you get the best possible result. The webdesigner will advise on most suitable keywords and key phrases for SEO of your site.

5.    Even though you care how your website will look like, its not as important as it may seem to be. Much more important are the advertising principles. You need to adjust them to several facts such as who is your main audience, how they use your business, who are your competitors and how you can be better. It can mean shorten the website content, use more charts, make the website in latest colour combination trends etc.

6.    Credibility is one of the main advantages of any business. If you are not on the market long enough to prove it, then find a way how to ensure your users that you are trustworthy, you know the industry well, basically you need to offer a guarantee. Gather testimonials from day one, don’t be afraid to ask for them, don’t just wait till someone writes one for you.

7.    Offer free samples of your product, show your services to your clients, offer free trials. Make it simple to try, avoid long registering process and requesting too many info from possible customer.

8.    Make sure your website is simple to use, the information clear and easy to read. Put as much content as possible above the fold – people do pay most of their attention to the content they see without having to scroll down the page. Ensure all ‘call to action’ buttons are well and prominently put on the page..

9.    Do not try to catch the attention with various flash effects and images. These elements slow down the website and are not really good for SEO. You want user to act, not just sit and watch what your website does.

10.    Test your website by independent users, it gives you great overview how users use your website, what they like and dislike. Their suggestions can be very fruitful. Ideally your website should be created ‘under one roof’. It is always better to be in touch with one company only, you will not hear excuses why this or that cannot be done because the other company did this or that.

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Frequently Asked questions about our web design service

HRA FAQHow long does the web design process take on average?
We work hard on turning around project as quickly as possible without compromising quality or design. Simple websites, usually up to 14 pages, we are able to deliver within 17-19 working days on average.

Larger websites and Ecommerce projects will take longer. Once the Functionality Specification of your website has been finalised we’ll be able to give you an exact time frame on when your new website can be designed, developed and ready to go live.

What about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
If you would like your website to have SEO and optimised for page 1 rankings, we can certainly help you with this. With over 5 years of SEO experience, we have worked with websites and business of all sizes and helped them grow via page 1 rankings. SEO is a separate service and not included in the design cost of your new website.

However, one thing you can be certain of, even if you didn’t engage us for your SEO needs is that your website will be designed with SEO in mind from the beginning. For example, addition of meta titles, proper h1, h2 tags are all incorporated within the basic HTML structure of your current website, to help it get indexed by Google and other search engines easily.

For more information on how we can get your website to page 1, please ask.

More about our Web Design process:

Generally speaking, the web design service consists of 3 stages:

The first is the Design stage – this is where we create the designs for your new website and run them by you to get your feedback. We then incorporate changes and show you the revised versions. Based on our experience, there’s usually about 3-4 rounds of website design revision cycles before both, you and we are happy with the designs.

Once the designs have been finalised, we move onto the Development stage. The development stage involves carrying out the necessary work to convert the designs into a fully functional website. In other words, we carry out the necessary coding and development towards building the website based on the designs approved.

The final stage in the website design process is Testing. This is where we first test all the functions of your website – forms, the content management system (which you could use to make changes to your website such as text, images and so on), all pages etc are working.
You’ll then have the opportunity to check the site entirely yourself before giving us the approval to launch the website.

We hope you find this useful. If you would like to speak to us about your Web Design needs or how we can help, please get in touch by calling 0208 1500 294.

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5 ideas to make your website design simpler

comIn the virtual world, few things are better than a website that’s simple, and easy to use. It doesn’t only help your users, it is critical to helping you to achieve what you want – enquiries, sales or subscriptions. In other words, whatever the goal of your website is.

So, how do you get started?

Here are 5 ideas to help you simplify your website and get it closer to start generating leads and sales.

1. Focus on what is most critical
What is most important for you as someone running the business doesn’t necessarily have to be as important for your clients. It is very difficult to decide what should and what should not be mentioned on your website. So first, try to focus on what exactly you want to say or show. And then continue along those lines and limit your thoughts only on that one basic element.

Try to make sure that there is no ‘simple’ way to leave the page that generate sales or sign ups. Try to populate the page with the content or elements that either make the user to click the right button or at least make the user entertained for a bit longer.

2. NO to Unnecessary Elements
These can be various widgets, sidebar elements, blog meta details, links etc. All these can potentially take user from your website which is something you surely do not want them to do. So remove everything that is not really getting you any use.

3. Number of Pages – less is more
Try to think what all individual pages mean for your business or sales. Do you really need the page called About us when you can put all necessary info about your business on the Home page? Try to behave on your website as you do on other sites. Where do you go first? What do you do on the website. Do you really read all the content before you make a purchase? Even if you reduce the number of pages by one it can have huge impact.

We all know how difficult it is to choose from loads of options. We aren’t talking only about the websites, it works everywhere. It can be ultimately very confusing if user has too many choices, too many options to click.

So try to make navigation as simple as possible by reducing number of side menus.

4. Get More Content above the Fold
Try to put as much content as possible to the part of the website you can see without scrolling down. It is a fact that most of the people spent longest time exactly on that part of any website. So if you want to make your website effective, focus on that very part of the page. Use call to action buttons, add latest news, sign ups – basically add the information there that is most important for the online success of your website. If there is not enough space for more content, just try to make it by adjusting the top menu, logo etc..

5. Limit Your Colour Scheme
Try to stick with 2 or 3 colours on your website. Again there is so many lovely colour combinations, but again, even here is the saying ‘less is more’ true. Start with 2 or 3 shades, and then you can add 1 later, if you really want to highlight something.

Also make sure you do not get carried away with different website patterns. Even though you like them and you think they suit your website style, once you see the complexity, it can come out very disorganized and disharmonious. There are some useful colour scheme generators or pallets you can always look at if you need a help.

To go one step further, rather than assuming what your website visitors want, have a simple test carried out by friends or relatives. They can give you qualitative feedback on your website, what works and what does not.

Just to sum up:

1.    Focus on the most important
2.    Remove the distracting elements
3.    Less pages
4.    More content above the fold
5.    Opt just for 2-3 colours

Looking for professional Web Designer Services? WDL can help you – call 0208 1500 294.

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Need a new website designed or developed?

new-website-coming-soonNeed a new website designed or developed? Choose WDL to help you succeed online…

If you are looking to have a new website designed or have your existing one redesigned, as a small business, it’s important that your website gives you some form of tangible Return on Investment. We’re a small business too and we get this.

If you found us via a referral then you’ll have some idea about our capabilities. If you haven’t used us before, here is some information about the way we work and why we think we are well positioned to help you succeed online.

  1. With over 300 websites under our virtual belt, we understand that websites that sit there looking pretty but don’t do much more, or in other words, style without substance, are seriously limited in the results they will bring. That’s why during the course of the project, you’ll find us putting the same level of attention and care to the anatomy of your website as much as the appearance. We’re talking about lead –generation – converting website visitors into enquiries.
  2. As a company our 2 core competencies are Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (you found us via Google didn’t you?!). whether you decide to use us for SEO needs or not, one thing you can be certain of is your website will be search engine friendly (proper meta information, h1 and h2 tags and so on…)
  3. As a small business, we understand that cash flow can be tight sometimes. Which is why we offer you the ability to spread out the cost of your project and payments to make it a little easier and help more businesses get online

For more information on how WDL can design or develop a new website for you that will actually work, please call 0208 1500 294 or email create@flow20.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


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What Is Google+?

Features of Google PlusThe Google+ is a social networking site initiated and operated by the search engine giant Google, and allows users to upload and share photos, videos and links with their friends.

Just like Facebook and other social media networks, Google Plus allows account owners to reach out to their friends from across the world. Launched for a test project on June 28, 2011, the social media started on an “invite only” mode and allow invited users to send invites to friends 18 years and above.

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Real photos or stock images for your website?

real-or-stock-photoShould You Choose Stock Photo or Real Photos For Your Web Sites?

Just like any publication, online or offline, adding relevant images to a website not only helps it look more attractive but is also effective. Images can illustrate a message, authenticate a story, or deliver an idea.

If you want to add images to your website, you usually have 2 options – select images from online stock photography websites such as istock or you could opt to have real images of your product or service shot.

So, which one should you chose? To answer that question, let’s take a closer look at these two sources and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Things to consider before you redesign your website

Redesign websiteKeepign your website current and the design fresh is important. However, unless the website redesign process is carried out in a planner manner, a redesign can have a negative impact to the search engine rankings you may be currently enjoying.

There are instances when websites have lost their rakings after a revamp. In order to avoid such cases, the redesign process has to be carefully planned and executed. There are many reasons which could cause rankings to fall. Re-designing a website which already has good rankings is a critical job and must be done only after thorough planning.

The following are some of the most common reasons why a website’s ranks have fallen after a redesign:

URL Alterations: Even a small change to a website’s URL can cause rankings to crash. This is because the search engine has to re-index all the pages of the website completely before allowing it to come up in the search results. Moreover, incoming links would also be removed.

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