8 Upselling techniques for online shops

upselling-onlineE-commerce can be a very rewarding business if you know the right up selling techniques. The following are some ideas that are being used by the giants in e-commerce such as Amazon and E bay.

Method 1: Offer discounts for low priced items in bulk. These can include small items which can be sold in high volumes.

Method 2: Keeping tabs on customer preferences and delivering this information to the customers can do wonders. Analyzing sales data is one such technique which is made use of by Amazon.

Method 3: Offering a variety of choices can help your customer to evaluate each product before purchasing. For instance if a customer is interested in an IPod, the website should suggest the number of recommendations for alternate Mp3 players.

Method 4: Offer accessories that go along with the purchased product. A customer buying an IPod would be interested in related accessories such as stereo phones and jackets.

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Google’s Search changes- For better or worse?

GoogleGoogle’s Panda update was notoriously famous as it had adversely impacted a large proportion of websites. This update caused a lot of the search results to be affected thereby leading to problem’s in the website’s rankings.

There are some new changes which are bound to affect a significant share of people again.

Google has been developing its encrypted search feature for some time now and the latest changes involve this very feature. The currently used Google encrypted features ensures that once a user is logged into any of Google’s platforms such as Gmail, Google+ etc, he or she would be redirected into the encrypted search mode. In the past, the users were notified that they are using a high security feature. However, with this upgrade they are no longer intimated and the regular http in the address bar is just converted into https.

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3 Tips for a successful logo design


If the logo is not to be recognized, as it should be unique. If not, which means that the star in the logo is not actually at the beginning of another company’s logo? The common forms can be used, but must be changed to create a unique logo for your brand, and through color or other details. However, it is a much better idea to create a unique logo that uses a unique shape or item that is not likely to be used by another company. Nike logo is another great example, as is the case in the apple with a bite taken out of it for Apple electronics.


The logo will be synonymous with your brand. Accordingly, it must be instantly recognizable in any form or medium. Regardless of color, regardless of their size, regardless of the form, and if it can be recognizable logo of its brand image. Thinking in symbols and social media such as Facebook and Twitter: They are using social networking logos most important, but often are manipulated multiple commensurate with the blog and offered up in the colors and different shapes, and different ways, but always recognizable.

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Welcome to our new website!

Hello everyone,

WelcomeOur new website is finally live and we thought we would celebrate the occassion by adding a blog to our website as well.

You may have seen the resources section on our previous website which we were using to share before/after case studies of our work, guides, articles and resources on the world of online marketing and website design. Hereafter, we’re going to be making use of the blog to do so. We’ll be re-launching the Resources area which we will use to publish white-papers and guides.

We hope you find our new website easy to use and we would love to hear any feedback you may have.

Thanks for stopping by!
The Team @ Flow20.com

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Facts about design industry in London

3d numbers exploded

Design business is, as many other businesses widely spread in London, covering here more than 23% of UK design companies generally. London is work place for around 45k designers, about 20k of them employed by companies and 15k working as freelances.

In London, there are situated some of the largest design companies, some employing up to 50 designers. There is a lot of job shifting in this particular type of industry that brings high amount of hiring and firing, much higher than in the rest of the country.

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