What makes us different?


If you’re looking for website design in London, we know you’re spoilt for choice and when there’s literally thousands of companies to choose from, what makes Web Designers London different, you might ask?


There’s no way to answer this without sounding bias but since you ask:


To start with, Web Designers London is part of Flow20, a digital marketing agency offering SEO, Social Media and much more and that’s been around for almost 10 years and in that time, we’ve built countless websites, encountered various challenges and learnt a lot along the way. What all this means is that Web Designers London has built up solid expertise and know-how when it comes to website design. If you’re here looking for a reliable IT Support Company in London or IT Support in NYC check out our partner websites.


Then, there’s our multi-disciplined background. As part of an agency, not only do we have great in-house website designers but we also know how to successfully implement other aspects of web design which will be crucial to the success of your website. For example, unlike website design companies who only specialize in web design, at WDL we involve our SEO expert during the wire-frame phase to ensure that the website’s information architecture (i.e. structure) is Google friendly, giving you a better chance of higher rankings with your new site. For a range of dedicated WordPress and WooCommerce solutions, check out 22PointSix.


Website Designers London Office

A closer look at Web Designers London’s web design and development phases:



This is perhaps the most crucial phase in the web design process and where we put down on paper every aspect of your new website. The deliverables from the initial phase usually are:
– Your new website’s design features
– Functionalities for users
– Content Management System (CMS) capabilities
– Wire-frame to give you an idea of what the website will look like
– User manual (should you require one)
– Server/hosting info



Next comes the fun part where we begin the web design. Depending on your website’s Functional Spec. we usually provide 2-3 design mockups. In our experience, you’ll either love one of them or like certain aspects from each. Web Designers London doesn’t impose any limitations on the number of design revision cycles so it’s a case of incorporating your feedback and showing you modified versions until you’re 100% satisfied.



This is what sets Web Designers London apart as unlike most other website design companies, we test the approved design with actual website users. What this means is that we can come up with the final version of the website’s design that users prefer not just you or us.
Once the winning home page version has been found and you’re happy to go ahead with this, we begin implementation of the design onto the other top-level pages.